If you think, "there is nothing I can do for a safer environment", "it's too late anyway" or "that's other people's job",

then this is the wrong URL for you.

But if you don't just want to sit back and watch, complain and remain passive,

if you want to get information about the latest research and about world-wide activities concerning SAFER WORLD,

if you have got some curiosity, ideas, creativity, courage, knowledge and/or persistence,

if you want to broaden your knowledge,

if you at least want to try and change something,

then this is the right place for you.


SAFER WORLD wants to
  • provide information ( currently still mostly from independent American scientists, physicians, organizations, authors
  • interlink networks
  • ask questions, including unconventional ones
  • and above all encourage you to go on asking, to tackle the issue, and to demand changes on a private, social, scientific, industrial and political level

Principles of SAFER WORLD

SAFER WORLD is against

Panicmongering, frustration, destructive criticism, repression, unreasonableness, resignation, profit-seeking, intolerance, defamation, irresponsibility, stultification, indolence, excessive egoism, further damages to health, further pollution of the environment, further destruction of the environment. 


Public information and better insight into the interrelation between pollution (chemical, radioactive, electromagnetic and noise pollution) and illnesses, reduction of pollutants, a better quality of life, international solidarity, a higher sense of responsibility ( for yourself, for others and for future generations), a fair dialogue, worldwide networking, sensible changes, research into causes, preventive thinking, better health, assisting people with pollution-induced and other illnesses in their daily lives, and last but not least for the ecological rights of children.

SAFER WORLD wants to try

  • spread information across borders
  • create a network of all environmentally interested people and above all
  • encourage people to stand up for a healthier environment and a safer world.

 Chemical, radioactive and electromagnetic strains , big business and the money market know no bounds. It is necessary to do activities across the borders.


that the whole topic is indeed very complicated and complex.

You may think : " it will take far too much time before I even get a little bit of knowledge about this issue" or " they are not doing the things I'm interested in" or on the contrary "they are doing the things I'm not interested in",

This cannot be helped considering the superabundance of the topic.

Let's hope you are encouraged to join us because of the necessity of a "grass-roots" effort, as well as the sense of our engagement, so together, we can indeed make it a SAFER WORLD.

When you check out this URL and click on some links, you will soon find out that you can access information quickly via the internet and you will soon be able to DO something even from your PC ( CALL for ACTION) .

However, we are aware that a view of the huge amount of problems what we intend to work on can only be seen as a drop in the ocean. But we hope that more and more drops will add up -- and that THAT will make a difference.

Depending on your own considerations, you will notice SAFER WORLD is opposed to mainstream thinking in many respects. For some of you this sounds too mild, and for others it will sound too provocative. We hope this will grow into a platform for controversial opinions. Of course, we must start off in a small way.

Visions of SAFER WORLD are

  • that more research will be initiated and carried out from researches who are not dependent upon industries
  • that more and more people recognize the link between disease and chemical, electromagnetical, radioactive and noise pollution
  • that more and more people come to the obvious conclusion of this knowledge, and then join action groups such as this one
  • that people who has Chemical Injuries will be taken seriously and will get help from physicians, expert witnesses, politicians, the media, their families, their workplaces, other people
  • that more and more people become committed to the cause for less poisoned air, soil and water -- for a safer environment
  • that more and more people recognize the wounding harming of the ecological rights of children
  • that more and more people are fighting for a SAFER WORLD


"Save the Environment to save yourself" ( A. Mani Prakash)

Only an abandoned cause is lost ( Freiherr vom Stein)

The last voice one will hear before the world comes to an end will be that of an expert claiming that such a thing is completely impossible. (Sir Peter Ustinov, the famous artist and ambassador of UNESCO)

Brains for trends!

Yesterday a nutcase - today a winner.

We haven't said too much, but rather too little, and the little we said was too timid and too late. (Christa Wolf)

All misfortune holds the seed of fortune. (Chinese)

First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, and then you defeat them. ( Gandhi)

Its time to tell the truth.

Your perfume - my poison.

My convention is prevention. ( Barbara Wilkie)

Lets reverse the predominant thoughts. ( Dr. Susan Love)

Nature doesn't make mistakes, people do. (Leonardo da Vinci)

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything but still can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse the something I can do. (Edward Everett Hale)

The time when you need to do something is when no one else is willing to do it, when people are saying that it can't be done. ( Frances Berry)

There's nothing wrong with me. Maybe there's something wrong with the universe. (St. TNG)

The most important therapy of the 21st Century will be to LEARN how to avoid and to reduce chemical, radioactive, electromagnetic and noise pollution. (I.Sch.)

The right of future generations to physical integrity must be ranked higher than the freedom of individuals to poison themselves, the environment and the next generations. (I.Sch.)

Freedom is like a muscle-it atrophies if it is not used! (John Blair)

There is sufficiency for man's need, but not for man's greed. (Mahatma Mohandas Gandi reminded)