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Neurotoxic Chemical Effects Information 


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Symptome der Neurotoxizität, Neurotoxische Erkrankungen, Krankheiten mit neurotoxischen Ursachen, Anerkennung der Neurotoxizität

The symptoms of brain injury from exposure to hazards like lead paint and toxic chemicals vary widely. But there are ways you and your experts can pinpoint the damage and its cause.

Raymond Singer and Dana Darby Johnson:

Neurotoxicity—poisoning of the brain and nervous system—

is a well-documented effect of exposure to many widely used chemicals, yet doctors (and lawyers) often fail to recognize it. Chemically injured clients often report a confusing array of symptoms, with no medical diagnosis. The symptoms may seem vague and unconnected, leading you to wonder, “Could these symptoms really be caused by a chemical exposure?” Once you recognize the signs and understand them in context—as a constellation of symptoms resulting from a toxic injury—you will have greater confidence in bringing your client’s case to justice.